A Four Subsystem Model

As we learn to understand how the world works we can begin to have hope for a better future.  Consider that there are four main subsystems to the world that we experience.  Each of these subsystems operates through a specific function.  We are created by these subsystems and by our actions we create them.  The future of the world is determined by the choices we make.  Here is how it works.  As individual organisms we receive stimulus from the world around us and respond.  We seek to be fed, safe and loved.  This is true for every living organism.  It is true for every bacteria, every fungi, every plant and every animal. Some of the stimuli we receive comes from the energy of the sun and the materials of the earth.  This is true for every living organism.  We all need the warmth of the sun, certain minerals and the wind and the water. Some of the stimuli we receive comes from the pattern of living things in which we find ourselves.  Every living organism is doing the best it can w

Comment on the Allegory - Human Potential

We humans have a great deal more potential than we use. This is the third Comment on the Allegory of the Three Travelers The first Comment is about Coming of Age The second Comment is about Repairing the Vessel We humans have a great deal more potential than we use. We are clever creatures able to adapt to the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Those circumstances, the pattern of interactions among the living things that share our place in the world, only requires a small part of our potential.  Perhaps each of us has a fantasy of a different pattern that allows us to flourish. The way we have structured the world is that each human needs a job that pays money.  Each job requires a different set of skills but none requires all that we can be as human beings.  The most challenging jobs that pay the most are specialties.  They require the specialist to learn in great depth a narrow band of the spectrum of human knowledge.  Most jobs pay less and require less. When ou

Comment on the Allegory - Repairing the Vessel

This is the second comment on the Allegory of the Three Travelers The first comment is Coming of Age _____ Sometimes I just want to take someone by the shoulders and shake them. "Why can't you see?" But, if you can't see you can't see . . . the shaking won't help. The vessel that carries life through time is the living system on this planet.  The vessel is running down because of the way we humans produce the things we need. The vessel is a complex pattern of interactions.  For reasons of expediency we want to simplify things.  And as we simplify things the life drains from the vessel.  It is sad to see something that could be so robust wasting away for lack of vision.  Its like watching a parent lose their vitality except that the wasting of the vessel is not inevitable.  The vessel begins to heal as individuals find new ways to interact.  New interactions increase complexity. Why is it so hard to see that the vessel requires complexity to mai

A Business Plan for Pat the Gardener

Pat the Gardener will be offering the service of converting old fashioned landscapes into thriving habitats. Most potential clients will not be able to afford a permaculture design and installation costing thousands of dollars.  More likely, people interested in healing nature and producing abundance will want Pat’s assistance on a regular basis using small and slow steps to convert their landscape. We will be able to ask potential clients to hire Pat as a way heal nature and produce the abundance.  It is a way that our community can come together to find a place for all our residents. Let’s say that Pat charged $100.00 per month for the landscaping service. For that fee Pat would spend 4 hours a month. During the spring through planting season and after the first hard frost that might be a four hour block of time each month building gardens and planting. During the growing season that might be an hour a week to keep things looking neat. If Pat were to spend half of the a

Comments on the Allegory - Coming of Age

These Comments are thoughts on The Allegory of the Three Travelers Human beings normally go through a transition fairly early in life.  It is the point where we leave behind the care givers who saw us through our childhood.  It is the point where we face a future that will unfold based on our own choices. Perhaps you remember the uncertainty that you had at that time.  Imagine now how that moment might be different if your care giver was different.  Imagine how that moment was for each of our three travelers. The first traveler understands life to be a competition.  In a competition we expect that there will be winners and losers. If you are one of the lucky ones, your care givers taught you the rules of the game and the skills it takes to play it.  How would things be different if your care giver told you that you would never amount to anything?  How would things be different if you were in foster care because your parents where in jail?  Imagine trying to play the game when y

Allegory of the Three Travelers

There are three travelers on a great journey across an endless prairie.  In one direction lies a barren and impoverished place.  In another direction lies a place of abundance. The first traveler is traveling in great luxury. This traveler is thinking, "I have worked hard for all the things I have and I will defend them. I feel sorry for those less fortunate than myself. There, but for the Grace of God, go I." The second traveler is struggling to get by with next to nothing. This traveler is thinking, "I am working as hard as I can but still do not have enough for my children. It is not fair that the first traveler should have so much and I demand that they share with me." The third traveler agrees that things are not fair. This traveler is thinking, "The system is rigged against me. I do not intend to spend my life working hard for next to nothing. I will just take what I need from the other travelers." The conflict among these travele

Life on this Planet

The object of discussion is life on this planet. The subject is "the way humans produce the things they need and desire". The issues are:   1) declining habitats   2) increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere   3) the inability to supply every human being with what they need to live/thrive   4) humans doing violence to other humans Life on this planet is a "system". It is a pattern of interactions among individual actors each pursuing their genetic and memetic instructions. Every choice has consequences through out the system and at all scales.  Issues 1 through 4 result from the way humans produce the things they need and desire. We humans tend to think of the interactions among ourselves, and in particular those interactions that involve the exchange of money, as the most important.  Keep in mind that human interactions are not possible without the participation of all the other living things around us.  The interactions among the living th